Amado nervo

He is the best-known novelist of the 20th century. His first and best known novel, "La Llamarada" is considered the most important novel of the Generation of the '30s, it describes the political, economic and social conditions that prevailded in the island. Laguerre was also known as an advocate for environmental conservation. Laguerre is considered the most important Puerto Rican novelist, among his many novels are:

Amado nervo

Inter-America Press,page His poetry was known for its use of metaphor and reference to mysticism, presenting both love and religion, as well as Christianity and Hinduism. Nervo is noted as one of the most important Mexican poets of the 19th century.

They lived happily until her death in There is a rumor that when his wife died he used to go to the cemetery every night for 1 year. The museum can be found in the home where he was born, on the street which now bears his name. The Amado Nervo International Airport, the principal airport in the Mexican state of Nayarit, located in Tepic was also named after him.

Amado nervo

The Amado Nervo Institute in Camargo, Chihuahua is a private school, serving kindergarten through junior high school.

Inmusical artist Rodrigo de la Cadena presented "Poema: Early life Nervo was born in Tepic, Nayarit. His father died when Nervo was 13 years old.

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Two more deaths were to mark his life: After graduation, he began studying at the Roman Catholic Seminary in nearby Zamora. His studies at the seminary included science, philosophy and the first year of law.

It was here, that Nervo cultivated an interest in mystical theories, which were reflected in some of his early works. Nervo, Amado Monday in Mazatlan: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, pages ISBN accessed September 12, While Nervo had early plans to join the priesthood, economic hardship led him to accept a desk job in Tepic.

He went on to become a successful poet, journalist, and international diplomat. It was during this time that he was introduced to the work of Luis G.

His background in journalism and news reporting flourished during these years, as he continued writing for El Universal, El Nacional, and El Mundo.

He maintained a formal partnership with El Mundo through June Browse airport names starting with the letter A.


Find every airport code in the world. Amado Nervo, Tecamac. likes.

Amado nervo

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¡Con ella, todo; sin ella, nada! Para qué viajes, cielos, paisajes, ¡Qué importan soles en la jornada! Qué más me da la ciudad loca, la mar rizada.

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