Analysis of an advert essay

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Analysis of an advert essay

Textual Analysis on NIKE Advertisement

AdvertisementChristiano RonaldoimagemediaNIKEparadigmproductsribbon sportssyntagmtext analysisthird world. One of the top brands in the world is Nike. This kind of brand is so popular and familiar amongst people, especially because of the sportspeople who endorse the brand.

Nike with its popularity utilises many different kind of marketing strategies, including using famous sportspersons as tools to advertise their goods and services. However, it is arguable that the existence of Nike as one of the top branded items in the world seems to create a kind of social stratification where people are thought to be different from each other when they wear the Nike products.

Certain people may consider themselves as better than others simply because they have some particular Nike items that are considered to be expensive and prestigious or they feel that the Nike brand will give them a performance edge.

This essay will discuss the Nike logo with one of the most famous and expensive football player, Christiano Ronaldo.

Semiotic Analysis of an advertisement – Assignment Example

The media studies theory that I am using in this essay is basically of textual analysis and advertisements. Secondly I will focus on NIKE advertisements from the perspective of advertising theory as well as the discussion of the images chosen.

Bill and Philp H. It officially became Nike, Inc. Nowadays, Nike is said to be the most leading and major sport equipment supplier and publicly traded sportswear in the world http: As it is evident, sports and the media have a very strong symbiotic relationship which is considered to benefit each other.

However, The Nike Company strongly utilities the media to advertise their products while the media ownerships take this advantage as a great opportunity to enhance their influences and authority over the public. By continuously advertising the Nike products, media ownerships and those who are the ruling elite will significantly exert more and more influences over the audience.

In other words, Nike will surely cooperate or even control the media to propagandise the consumer behaviour towards their products.


Using famous sportspersons to advertise their products will give a huge advantage for the Nike Company, as there will be more consumers who end up buying their products due to the reason that the sportspeople chosen are usually high profile and admired by the sporting public.

Buyers may end up believing that advertised brands have better quality than brands that do not get advertised Mehta,cited in Sheehan, p.

137H, Section 11: Words, words, words…

Furthermore, Shavitt and Lowreycited in Sheehan, p. Christiano Ronaldo, as it is seen from the image, running and dribbling the ball while the other players are left far behind him and look unlikely to get the ball from him.

Different people may have different attitudes and offer different perspective towards this image. However, this will promote the idea that when people buy the right foot wear and clothing which are similar to what Ronaldo does, they will automatically become more confident and will definitely exceed in everything that they do.

They will also think that they are better than other people when they use the Nike products as a result of the idea of superior social status.In other words, every advertisement has its target customers and you have to keep that in your mind when writing an essay-analysis.

The target audience will form the advertisement style, which can be used in order to develop the target audience.

Analysis of an advert essay

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