Comparison essay between hamlet and the great gatsby

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Comparison essay between hamlet and the great gatsby

You fail to answer the question. Your links are weak and superficial. Jack coming home but not being nearly as impressive as they expected. We then see the Mundy sisters together, they are a close family but Kate tends to boss them around and the others resent this, particularly Agnes.

Similarly the opening scene of IID is quite pessimistic.


He seems really frustrated and I would hate to be in his situation. The first scene in HMB is also pessimistic. Let me count the ways: Question is thrown in at the beginning and end of the paragraph but no effort is made to actually engage with the question. Sentences go on — and on — and on. The simplest way for me to explain why this is the greatest mistake you can make is through a knitting analogy.

Have a look at this stripy jumper: Each colour is knitted separately. They only touch briefly.

Important Quotations Explained

Dark grey represents DAL. Light grey represents HMB. All of the ingredients are there but they never get mixed up together. In fact you could just take out each color and knit four separate jumpers if you wanted to.

The opening scene of DAL is full of nostalgia as Michael the narrator launches into a flashback of the summer when Fr.

Jack returned from the missions. This aura makes DAL in many ways similar to HMB from the beginning of both texts the reader feels something bad is about to happen but the atmosphere of fear and foreboding are much more pronounced in HMB.

The opening scene fills us with unease as Alec waits to die.

Comparison essay between hamlet and the great gatsby

I found his indifference to his plight deeply unsettling. By contrast Alec HMB expresses no desire to escape the awful situation he finds himself in. Yet there are also interesting similarities between HMB and IIDfor example the complete lack of family support and in some ways this makes DAL the most positive of the three — no matter what their difficulties at least the Mundy sisters have each other.

Thus I can honestly say that all three texts captured my imagination, roused my curiousity and engaged my sympathy for the central characters in the opening scene, thus adding to my enjoyment and compelling me to read or watch!

Why is this so good by comparison? The question is fully engaged with throughout by the writer. Sentences are complex but highly controlled writer uses brackets if adding something significant that would make the sentence unwieldy.

Formal language of critical analysis is used at all times. Details are accurate and specific, including occasional use of quotes perhaps four or five in total in your essay is more than sufficient.

Texts are interwoven; links are complex, recognising obvious similarities and differences but also going further to establish subtle distinctions. Again the knitting analogy is useful.Transforming media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting.

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SparkNotes: Hamlet: Act I, scenes iii–iv

Jun 14,  · In this space: Please discuss any and all similarities that you can see between The Great Gatsby and Hamlet (whole play and novel, not just the characters).

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