Essays on communication in the workplace

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Essays on communication in the workplace

Do you consider yourself a person who acts with kindness and positivity? We spend more time working than we do anything else.

It is becoming more important now to pay attention to how we treat each other whether at work, home or at the grocery store. As a team and culture specialist, how we interact at work has consequences on our well-being.

It begs the question, how are you contributing?

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Are you showing up with a positive or negative attitude? Do you treat your fellow employees with respect? Wharton professor Essays on communication in the workplace Grant, author of Give and Take, explains that leader kindness and generosity are strong predictors of team and organizational effectiveness.

Over the past few years, increased research shows positive environments produce positive benefits specifically to engagement, relationships, health and the bottom line. Conversely, one of the biggest downfalls to a negative or fear-based environment is higher health care costs due to workplace stress and lower engagement.

This in turn typically results in higher turnover. Furthermore, the repercussions of disengaged employees have long term effects on the employees and business. As a leader, creating a positive and healthy culture for your team is vital to the success of the organization.

Based on research and my experience, here are a few key ways that can improve your workplace environment. Promote positive communication - treat each other with kindness, respect, and appreciation Increase awareness — notice how your attitude and actions are showing up at work Be supportive — offer to help, notice when someone is having a bad day or not feeling well and be compassionate Provide a sense of purpose — employees want to know their job is meaningful and that they are valued Foster team spirit by focusing on strengths — learn and leverage the strengths of your team members As a manager or leader, what can you do to encourage this positive behavior?

Here are a few tips to try: Show your gratitude and appreciation -send a thank you note or say it during a meeting 3. Honoring wins and milestones improves morale by encouraging the person recognized and showing team members that important events are noticed and praised.

This encourages employees to speak up and feel heard and a valued member of the team. Communicate often — keep employees in the loop with frequent updates.

This helps keep people connected and feeling part of the larger team.

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Provide regular feedback including constructive feedback and not just at performance review time. Employees want to know how they are doing along the way. Employees like to know that the job they are doing is making a difference. By creating goals and how each person is responsible for achieving them, it motivates and inspires an air of striving for betterment in the workplace.

Foster collaboration and diversity. Teams are at their best when they are able to make the best use of the strengths and welcome different perspectives, ideas and opinions of their team members to extract the best solution or result.

Workplace Communication Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines

In summary, the benefits of a positive workplace culture grow exponentially over time and produce continued results. Positive emotions or energy is contagious as is the negative.

So, when leadership is focused on building a kinder, encouraging and engaged environment, it increases positive emotions and better health. In turn, this safeguards against stressful situations and negative experiences. It also helps to improve employee resiliency to deal with challenges while boosting their well-being.

When organizations develop positive, kind cultures they achieve significantly higher levels of organizational effectiveness — including productivity, customer satisfaction, employee engagement and to the bottom-line.

How can you spread a little kindness today? She is Founder and President of The Energy Catalyst Group dedicated to helping create more energized and positive teams, making work more enjoyable and organizations more successful.

Michelle consults with HR and leadership to focus on increasing individual, team and organizational energy.

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The importance of feedback in an organisation to improve communication would also be reviewed (Iyer & Israel p. 55). Through feedback received, communication unveils opportunities to improve the individual and general performances of the organisation (Daneci-Patrau p.

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We offer these essays free of cost to all of our visitors. Effective Communication in the Workplace Effective communication in the workplace is essential for so many reasons. To competently get task relayed and executed, it is imperative that both employers and employees are on the same page.

This ensures the desired completion of tasks and results.

Essays on communication in the workplace

The Impact of Time Management and Causes of Stress in the Workplace - Introduction This assignment is to understand the impact of time management and causes of stress in the workplace; I will be identifying symptoms and behaviours and the impact it may have internally and externally.

Communication in the Workplace Communication is sharing information between two or more individuals, the act of conveying information. Because communication has so many components, failing to effectively communicate in the workplace is commonplace.

Essays on communication in the workplace
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