Gadgets make people dependent and lazy

Of course it has given us a lot and saves our valuable time to make the life easier. But other aspects of technology are its harms.

Gadgets make people dependent and lazy

Dehumanization is making someone less human by taking away his or her individuality, creativity, and unique personality aspects.

It includes the person losing sensitivity and compassion towards others. In the movie, people have become so dependent on technology their only experiences and communications are via technology.

The human experience, face-to-face communication and touching another human being have been lost. In reality, America has been on this path for some time. The obesity problem in the world and specifically the United States is moving in the direction depicted in Wall-e.

Poor nutrition, in Wall-e, and in America today coupled with the lack of exercise in Wall-e and America today, are the leading causes of obesity. The movie opens with a bleak and desolate scene of Earth.

Humans have destroyed the planet with waste and it is no longer inhabitable. These early scenes in the movie foreshadow the lazy, wasteful, dehumanized state of our society that we see later in the movie. Technology provided the solution to an uninhabitable Earth in the form of a luxury spaceship equipped with the latest gadgets to make life easy.

Humans were going to cruise in their luxury spaceship, the Axiom, for five years while others were cleaning up the planet for their safe return.

However, even the latest technology could not make Earth inhabitable again. The five year cruise turned into seven hundred years. In the end, humans have to resist the excess of technology to get back home to planet Earth much the same way we currently need to resist technology to prevent consequences as severe as seen in Wall-e.

The first we see of humans in the movie is when Wall-e follows Eve to the Axiom. It is startling to see that all humans are obese, dressed identically, and helpless. It is clear technology has played a large role in their current state. Humans on the Axiom are lazy and obese because technology is so advanced there is a machine to do everything for them.

They are always in their hover chairs, they do not walk anymore. In Wall-e, humans are on a circuit in their chairs moving around the Axiom for their every need.

Gadgets make people dependent and lazy

Humans do not even have a job that would provide some exercise. All manual labor that humans currently do has been replaced by robots.

If a human is hungry or thirsty, they can drink a meal from a cup delivered by a robot. Because all humans are obese, convenience and good flavor appear to take priority to nutrition.

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This is like the current state of American society today that drives through fast food places to eat. It tastes good but leads to obesity. Far too many Americans today do not sit down at the dinner table to a nutritious, home-cooked meal as a family.

Technology has allowed Americans today to drive our cars to a window and order junk food that can be prepared in seconds. The food is called junk food due to its poor nutritional value and high fat content, but it tastes good.

Fast food is a leading cause of obesity in America today just as it is in Wall-e. Humans around the Axiom are speaking to each other through the use of technology and their face is always on the screen.

In fact, they only focus on the screen in front of their face and are ignorant of their environment. They are zombies, with no mind of their own. They are not even aware of the human in the chair next to them.

This is much like our laptops, i-pads, and cell phones today.

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Dehumanization and desensitizing in America today has already begun. Our social networking, texting, and gadgets today have replaced writing letters, making telephone calls, and simply talking to each other face-to-face.

You can see this on campus watching people text as they walk. Dehumanization and lack of compassion are currently at an all-time high.

Texting, Facebook, and other gadgets allow us to be less sensitive.

Technology has made us become lazy

It is easier post and send cruel information than say it face-to-face. We have cyber bullies and kids committing suicide over texts and Facebook posts.While one set of people consider them a boon, there are many who consider it a bane. Some people feel that we are way too dependent on our gadgets and feel handicapped without them.

Nowadays, we usually get many hours of entertainment by sitting on our . I don’t know if I wholly agree. Of course I’m not advocating people with no money to go out and purchase expensive luxurious items like big TVs and new laptops but I .

Technology has silently crept into our lives over the past few years and made us dependent on it. It not only makes our lives overly easier but it is also just another way of making us lazy. Free Essays on Gadgets Have Made Us Lazy And Dependent. Get help with your writing. 1 through Millennial is the generation that is said to be most empowered, hardworking and hell-bent on fighting injustice and embracing change.

But now they seem to face unheard amounts of negative comments about being lazy, entitled and tech-dependent. What's the right age for parents to get their kids a cell phone? Get expert advice and tips from Common Sense Media editors.

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