How we can help promote tourism in malaysia

Read More Read Less Welcome to the official website for the Miss Tourism beauty pageant — an international celebration of beauty, tourism and culture. Miss Tourism and its parent company, the Tourism World Organisation, have had the honour of receiving a number of tourism awards from countries such as Colombia, Thailand and Russia for our work in the tourism sector. Not only do we extensively champion the tourism of the host country through the Miss Tourism pageant, we also aim to promote each country competing.

How we can help promote tourism in malaysia

This seagrass, that grows in the canals of mangrove forests, was recently discovered and has yet to be monitored and evaluated. The tsunami had destructive effects on the seagrass, as it carried a large amount of clay and sediment from the coast.

The nearby seagrass was covered and destroyed. Yet the thick fortress of beach and mangrove forests reduced the severity of these effects in Klong Tub Lamu, thus allowing this one population to survive. This seagrass site is of great importance to the local fishermen, as it has been and still is their main source of income.

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These villagers use local wisdom to construct their own fishery tools, mainly for trapping blue swimmer crabs, shrimp, mollusks and various fish species. They use the fish for their own food supply and if they have a good catch, the fish is being sold as an additional income.

Preliminary results show that the seagrass has little natural richness and covers approximately 0. Once at low tide, the seagrass becomes more apparent in some areas, in mud-sandy soil. The seagrass evaluation methods were modified by Seagrass-Watch, and only one species of seagrass was discovered which covers Yet the team also discovered other life forms such as periwinkles, Cerithidea sp.

Click Here TeamSeagrass in the news! And he is there to be a volunteer.

How we can help promote tourism in malaysia

He is a volunteer for this green group called " Team Seagrass". The group is involved in monitoring Seagrass and other marine creatures. As a Team Seagrass volunteer, Kok Sheng said that they will monitor the health of the seagrass and identify the species of seagrass at the monitoring sites.

The data collected at these sites will be analyzed to get a better understanding of the state of the seagrass. If they found that the seagrass are not doing well, they will not do anything.

Instead, they will let nature takes it course and let nature heals the seagrass. In addition, he said that if action was taken by us to try to heal the seagrass, we might be upsetting the balance of nature nd disturbing the life of the marine creatures.

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The main objective of Team Seagrass is to collect data about the seagrass. And through these information, enable ordinary folks to understand the importance of marine creatures and that we have wonderful marine creatures in Singapore.

He said " It was raining eveyday and when we were at Chek Jawa, we found many seagrass and marine creatures dead and Chek Jawa looks like a graveyard. He said this is because the seagrass and marine creatures can only live in salinity and the large amount of rain forced these plants and animals to live in fresh water.

This result in casualties as they are unable to cope the drop of salinity in the water. If you are interested in monitoring Seagrass, you can log on to this website: The disappearance of these ecosystems, which include coral reefs, mangrove forests, wetlands and seagrass meadows, has serious consequences like loss of biodiversity, depletion of exploitable living resources, impaired capacity of the oceans to sequester CO2 and loss of the leisure value of the coastal zone.

So the total area lost probably equates to 10 football fields per hour. Source and full article:The Thailand Tourism Awards is regarded a positive measure that helps promote the tourism industry.

It helps ensure as well as increase credibility among both domestic and international tourists, and is also a major tool for Thailand's sustainable tourism development.

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One of the major cultural hubs of the Philippines, the genteel Old World charm and opulent history of Ilocos Sur reflects the hundreds and hundreds of years of being at the crossroads of European and Asian trade and commerce- a trip to Ilocos Sur is definitely a step back in time.

One of the major cultural hubs of the Philippines, the genteel Old World charm and opulent history of Ilocos Sur reflects the hundreds and hundreds of years of being at the crossroads of European and Asian trade and commerce- a trip to Ilocos Sur is definitely a step back in time. Matta Fair in Malaysia. Matta Fair (Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents) is the biggest and most popular travel fair in Malaysia. Malaysians do not yet use the internet as the standard way to book their trips and holidays. The Street View camera loan program is here to help you share experiences from amazing places around the world via Google Maps. This program is open to pro photographers, travelers, and.

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