My experience of playing pokemon red edition and its impact on my life

In the games Spoiler warning: Red is introduced as a curious year-old 10 in the European releases boy from Pallet Town.

My experience of playing pokemon red edition and its impact on my life

Most trannies are narcissistic. Now when I say this, I mean dangerously so. They will have a certain in-ability to read situations around themselves.

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They can just walk through a busy situation and utterly ignore everything around them. Another thing is the lack of shame. This carries over to the narcissism, but trannies will not have any understanding of shame.

A failure that makes them less of a man. But instead of getting back up, they choose the easy way out. By becoming a woman. And then they weirdly flaunt their failures. Going on about their sexuality, or how empowered they are as a woman.

And what is a direct red flag of narcissism?

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They think themselves as God. That tranny that wrote the article has a very holier than thou method of narrative. This couples back with the lack of shame and lack of situational awareness.

The tranny parades around as if transitioning solved their problems.

My experience of playing pokemon red edition and its impact on my life

As if they are some infallible gods. The tranny wishes to be the Mary Sue of their life.

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Every tranny wants to be the center of the universe.Auto Suggestions are available once you type at least 3 letters. Use up arrow (for mozilla firefox browser alt+up arrow) and down arrow (for mozilla firefox browser alt+down arrow) to review and enter to select.

“Honey, your skirt is a little short.” To be fair, it was a little short. It was short intentionally. I was dressed in a science officer costume from Star Trek: The Original Series.

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The Nintendo Game Boy became the most popular selling console ever as sales surpassed million. Meanwhile, the Pokémon franchise continued to be a worldwide phenomenon, and Nintendo celebrated its success with a limited edition release of Pikachu Nintendo

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