Recent floods in chennai essay writer

Flood is one such calamity which not only brings untold miseries to people but because of its recurring nature it leaves our country in ruins every year. Can there be a more terrible sight than when we see entire villages being washed away and people stranded with nothing to live on? The ravages of flood and its consequences are beyond description. Three factors account for the frequent occurrence of flood in India.

Recent floods in chennai essay writer

Beginning on 1 December, the rain intensified again creating more flooding and causing thousands of people to be stranded and trapped.

An estimated people had died, and overhad been displaced. Earlier in the week were stranded at Chennai Airport. Recent reports estimate it to be approximately The airport was closed until 6 December, and Rajali Naval Air Station 70 km away will operate as a civilian airport temporarily.

Those that do have phone signal, were losing battery with no way to charge. Chennai City has also started releasing 20, cubic feet per second of water from Chembarambakkam reservoir into Adyar.

A flood warning has been issued, and families along the Adyar River have been told to move to safer places. The state government had also mobilized fishing boats to assist in rescue and relief.

The Indian Army and Air Force had also deployed personnel and helicopters and have been conducting rescue and relief operations. The Chennai floods have thrown up some fundamental flaws in our system of urban planning.

Across India, city after city has experienced floods, while some others live with the fear of impending disasters. In Mumbai, flooding was caused by wrong developments at the Bandra estuary and negligence along the Mithi river, and in Uttarakhand the disaster was caused by unplanned regional development and the unholy nexus between the land mafia and politicians.

The Srinagar valley suffers from an unfortunate geographical disadvantage of being the recipient of water from an enormous watershed above the valley. The Bruhat Bangalore Development Plan came too late, while artificial land values were created by project-driven infrastructure.

In other words, all our metropolitan cities have ignored watershed management and environmental planning to their own peril. In the absence of a proper National Policy for Urbanisation, our metropolitan cities are sitting ducks for all sorts of natural disasters.

Spineless local planning organisations, which are subservient to their administrative and political masters, are not willing to put their technical know-how on the table, for fear of punishment transfers and mafia-induced pressures. The Chennai floods show all these problems can surface in other Indian cities.

The geography of South India demonstrates how rivulets, ponds, streams and rivers emanating from the Eastern Ghats flow towards the East to the Tamil Nadu coast. Chennai is one such area where an enormous watershed finally drains into the sea through its rivers and canals.

Has any regional planning exercise recognised this primary natural layer on which urban development forms the secondary layer? On the contrary, the watershed on the west of Chennai has been the major venue for industrialisation in corridors going up to Kanchipuram further to the west.

Traditionally the sub-region surrounding Chennai had big and small ponds connected by a working overflow system. These overflow systems and multiple canals finally find their way to lakes that surround Chennai city.

Finally the rivers in Chennai absorb this flow. Thousands of smaller ponds and streams have been filled up, increasing the surface water flow manifold. The major tanks are silted and the amount of water flowing into them has increased.

This increased run-off has found its way into the city. Unprecedented rain, induced by climate change, has compounded the problem. While the disaster has been caused by nature, the impact would not have been so severe but for the man-made factors. The Adyar river in the south of the original city had a wide estuary and also a wide flood plain.

Many areas south of the river have been marshy and low-lying, serviced by small rivulets and canals. Most submerged areas with floor-high water are on this part of the city, including the IT Park and many multinational corporate headquarters, paralysing business not only in Chennai but across the country and outside.

All the swamps, marsh lands, low-lying areas and streams that these big corporations, middle class housing and slums have built on are inundated as they are at the receiving end of overflowing large regional tanks.

recent floods in chennai essay writer

Our inability to enforce environmental laws and insatiable greed for land grabbing by both national and international commercial interests are in full play in Chennai.

Pinning responsibility for faulty planning and political decisions, preparing a scientific watershed management plan, putting in place a disaster warning system, and addressing the immediate problems of the urban poor are the first steps forward.

That indeed is the human capital to build on. Chennai Floods are Made in Chennai Only: The recent images of the flooding in Chennai on social media were scary and show us how badly our cities are messed up. There were, of course, hundreds of images, as everyone turned newsmen and captured the agony and pain of hundreds of Chennai ties on their mobile phones.Dec 03,  · The heavy rain has exposed the creaking public infrastructure in Chennai — like the deluge did in Mumbai or the floods in Srinagar.

One of the largest manufacturing and commercial hubs in the country, Chennai, understandably, has been expanding at a fast Aaron Pereira.

The South Indian floods resulted from heavy rainfall generated by the annual northeast monsoon in November–December They affected the Coromandel Coast region of the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, with Tamil Nadu and the city of Chennai particularly ashio-midori.comon: South India (Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh).

Nov 25,  · Chennai floods and the aftermath Share On; JUST IN 2mins Novak Djokovic wins U.S. Open, picks up 14th Grand Slam title 11mins Seven wounded in Paris knife attackAuthor: Internet Desk. At least 70 people have been killed as incessant rains continue to batter Sri Lanka and the southern Indian city of Chennai.

Chennai floods: Decoding the city’s worst rains in years | The Indian Express Many city neighbourhoods, however, remained flooded with some lacking basic necessities due to the uncoordinated distribution of relief materials.
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What being stranded in Chennai Floods actually felt like. Interesting observations from someone who was stranded with her daughter and few supplies.

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