Research about jesus

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Research about jesus

Endnotes Introduction During the last thirty years, perhaps the most captivating theological topic, at least in North America, is the historical Jesus. Dozens of publications by major scholars have appeared since the mids, bringing Jesus and his culture to the forefront of contemporary discussions.

The apostle Paul has been the subject of numerous additional studies. To the careful observer, these studies are exhibiting some intriguing tendencies. Sincemore Research about jesus scholarly publications on the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus have appeared.

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Over the last five years, I have tracked these texts, which were written in German, French, and English. Well over subtopics are addressed in the literature, almost all of which I have examined in detail.

Each source appeared from the last quarter of the Twentieth Century to the present, with more being written in the s than in other decades. The interdisciplinary flavor Research about jesus noteworthy, as well. Most of the critical scholars are theologians or New Testament scholars, while a number of philosophers and historians, among other fields, are also included.

This essay is chiefly concerned with commenting on a few of these most recent scholarly trends regarding the resurrection of Jesus. I will attempt to do four things here, moving from the general to the specific. This will involve 1 beginning with some tendencies of a very broad nature, 2 delineating several key research trends, 3 providing a sample interpretation of these research trends from the works of two representative scholars, and 4 concluding with some comments on what I take to be the single most crucial development in recent thought.

Of course, the best way to do this is to comb through the literature and attempt to provide an accurate assessment. When viewed as a whole, the general consensus is to recognize perhaps a surprising amount of historical data as reported in the New Testament accounts.

For the purposes of this essay, I will define moderate conservative approaches to the resurrection as those holding that Jesus was actually raised from the dead in some manner, either bodily and thus extended in space and timeor as some sort of spiritual body though often undefined. In other words, if what occurred can be described as having happened to Jesus rather than only to his followers, this range of views will be juxtaposed with those more skeptical positions that nothing actually happened to Jesus and can only be described as a personal experience of the disciples.

Of course, major differences can be noted within and between these views. One way to group these general tendencies is by geography and language.

For example, on the European Continent, recent German studies on the subject of the death and resurrection of Jesus are far more numerous, generally more theological in scope, and more diverse, than French treatments.

This German diversity still includes many moderate and conservative stances. French studies, on the other hand, appear less numerous, more textually-oriented, and tend to reach more conservative conclusions. There are also a wide range of positions represented here, some of which differ from mainline conclusions, such as the works of Michael Goulder,[18] G.

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Research about jesus

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The quest for the historical Jesus are academic efforts to determine what words and actions, if any, may be attributed to Jesus, and to use the findings to provide portraits of the historical Jesus.

Since the 18th century, three scholarly quests for the historical Jesus have taken place, each with distinct characteristics and based on different research criteria, which were often developed.

The Shroud of Turin is stained with the blood of a torture victim, scientists have claimed.

Research about jesus

Analysis of the linen cloth, purportedly used to bury Jesus after his crucifixion, contains. A number of scholars have criticized the various approaches used in the study of the historical Jesus—on one hand, for the lack of rigor in research methods; on the other, for being driven by "specific agendas" that interpret ancient sources to fit specific goals.

Introduction. During the last thirty years, perhaps the most captivating theological topic, at least in North America, is the historical Jesus. Dozens of publications by major scholars have appeared since the mids, bringing Jesus and his culture to the forefront of contemporary discussions.

Resurrection Research from to the Present: What are Critical Scholars Saying?