Sakai courseworks

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Sakai courseworks

Login and service ticket validation: It implements one or more of the protocols that CAS supports and presents a simplified interface to the application.

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The official CAS clients are well-tested, maintained, and documented, and are generally straightforward to use. We strongly recommend using one of the clients rather than writing the code yourself. Many of the commercial and open source products used in higher education that come with built-in CAS support, including Drupal, WordPress and Sakai, base their support on using one of these CAS clients.

Sakai courseworks

Although the library versions are out of date, the instructions are still valid. Depending on your comfort with the client language and the component configuration process e.

Sakai courseworks is important to use the current version of a given CAS client to ensure the code includes the latest security fixes.

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The current version of the CAS Java client is 3. All of these elements are optional and have default options: The logo that is displayed across the top of the inner login box can be replaced with a custom logo in the form of a x 50 pixel image, preferably in GIF format.

If you don't supply a logo, the default Columbia CAS logo will be displayed. If you don't supply a value, the system will default to no links.

An application-supplied Help link can be displayed just to the left of the "Login" button. The system will default to no help link.

The text for the Help link can also be customized. The text will default to "Help. Here are some sample CAS login pages with non-default elements: The registration request also asks for additional information about the application and its use of CAS, and gives application owners an opportunity to customize some elements of the authentication process.

The following are prerequisites for all CAS service registration requests: The application must be owned or operated by Columbia University, or else run for the benefit of a central administrative unit or department of Columbia University.

The application must perform University business. The request must be submitted by a full-time Columbia employee and include the name and email address of one technical contact and one administrative contact, both of whom must also be full-time Columbia employees.

Service Approval Once the request is complete, it will be reviewed by two members of the Identity and Access Management group, including at least one manager, and checked for secure application practices e. If the request is approved, you will be notified that the service has been added to the CAS registry and use of CAS by the application can start.

Sakai courseworks

A change to a pre-existing service does not require review and approval unless the change involves an expansion of the rights granted to the service, for example: This includes removing destination URLs that are no longer in use and keeping service contacts current.Stanford was the last of the 5 founding universities to use Sakai.

While the platform continues to provide benefit to many institutions worldwide, it is no longer viable for Stanford to maintain and enhance the platform to meet the growing needs of teaching and learning on campus.

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All us states have abbreviations, e. G. Auckland is . During the workshop, instructors learn how to migrate their content from CourseWorks (Sakai), navigate Canvas, manage syllabus and course materials, use quizzing . They can be found on the Courseworks/Sakai site or you can!!

email the Clerkship Director or Coordinator directly. Slide #10 Review the venues in which teaching takes place Slide #11 Review where the student is expected to be a various times during the clerkship.

Sakai Educational Partnership Program Update May 5, Happy Cinco de Mayo! Great things are happening in Sakai and the SEPP that will revolutionize.

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