The secret language

Thursday, October 18, Hanakotoba, a Japanese secret language using flowers It is universally known that different flowers have different meanings in different cultures, that is why care should be taken when sending flowers or presenting someone with a bouquet.

The secret language

Share13 Shares Some secret languages exist in the world today, spoken and understood only by those in the know. These various secret tongues are employed by a diverse range of groups, including traditional healers, professional wrestlers, citizens of specific communities, and even criminals.

The secret language

Here are ten secret languages explained in detail, complete with links to some dictionaries or converters we could find.

Polari allowed gays to secretly talk with themselves and strike conversations with strangers The secret language felt were gay. If the stranger replied, they knew he was game, but if he did not, they continued minding their business—all without giving a clue to their sexuality.

Converting an English word to Pig Latin depends on the letter or group of letters that begins the word. Leet was started by an elite hacker group in the s.

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They used it to pass secret messages among members. However, some Internet users can read Leet, albeit with some difficulty. Computers cannot read Leet, so spammers include it in emails to bypass spam filters. Some Internet users also use it to create passwords, which are difficult for software used by hackers which targets English words found in the dictionary to crack but are easy for the user to remember.

A Leet—English converter can be found here. It refers to the exaggeration of the physique of a wrestler by taking shots from specific angles. Lunfardo was popularized in Europe by the proliferation of tango music, which denoted it as a violent and sexual language. Inits usage in tango music was banned at the behest of moralists, whose eyebrows were raised after youths started using it.

Its usage went into decline in the s but returned in the s.

The secret language

There is no Lunfardo—English dictionary or converter, but readers who understand Spanish will find a Spanish—Lunfardo dictionary here. It was formed due to the unfriendly attitude of the nongay community toward gays.

Names of local and foreign politicians, celebrities, and brands are also adopted as words and given meanings in Swardspeak. Words are added when needed and removed when they are not. Binan, which itself refers to a male cross-dresser, is from the word banci.

Its use has heavily declined, although it is still used by gangs in the US and Britain.


Even then, it was rarely used or written and could only be orally learned from an experienced criminal. The language was a well-kept secret and only became known to the West in the s. Some of its characters were derived from the Chinese language, while others were invented.

Like Chinese, Nushu is written and read from top to bottom and from right to left.Secret Language has ratings and 28 reviews. Carolyn said: I had read Monica Wood's My Only Story years ago, and stumbled onto Secret Language onl /5.

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Nov 10,  · How to Make Your Own Secret Language. In this Article: Rearranging the Alphabet Substituting Certain Words for Others Creating a Language System Making a Visual Language Community Q&A Imagine the possibilities when you have a 76%().

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