The snake goddess essay

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The snake goddess essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Throughout the world and history, most cultures and society have been male dominated, but without women, there would be no men.

The Snake Goddess Essay Sample

Women are the ones who bear children and therefore are indispensable to any society that does not want to die.

The statues The Snake Goddess and Visitation prove that the fertility and process of childbearing that are a part of the lives of women have always been a fascination of mankind.

The Snake goddess is a statue found at the Palace at Knossos on the island of Crete at the early part of the twentieth century. The palace is thought to have been built during the fourteenth century B. It is not easy to describe the nature of the mother-goddess of Crete. There are numerous representations of goddesses, which leads to the conclusion that the Cretans were polytheistic, while others argue that these represent manifestations of the one goddess.

Entrance to the Shrine. This would make it part of the Ancient Artistic Period. The statue is of a woman holding out a snake in each of her hands. It is obvious that she is a fertility symbol because so much about her points to the features of a woman that makes her able to bear children.

In its present condition, the dominant colour of the skirt and the bodice is a darkening golden yellow. The Visitation is a sculpture from the thirteenth century in Reims, France.

According to the New Testament, Elizabeth and her husband were advanced in years when an angel visited them and told them that they would have a son and they were to name him John.

Not only are the jamb statues completely free from the architectural setting, but they are also practically yet not totally classical in composition. Note especially the naturalistic poses, graceful gestures and fluid drapery.

High and Late Gothic. Visitation depicts the visit the Virgin Mary visited her cousin, Elizabeth, because they were both experiencing miraculous pregnancies. The statue was sculpted during the Romanesque Period yet the cathedral itself is considered Gothic.

Then arose new architects who after the manner of their barbarous nations erected buildings in that style which we call Gothic dei Gotthi. Vasari implied that this architecture was debased, especially compared to that of his own time.

Chapuis While the sculptors of both statues, The Snake Goddess and Visitation is unknown, they are both celebrating the miracle of conception, pregnancy, and birth.

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The Snake Goddess and Visitation have a religious connotation. One is the goddess and Elizabeth and Mary represent the bearing of two religious figures.

The snake goddess essay

They are both seen with fascination and reverence. The focus on The Snake Goddess is on the sexual aspect of fertility.

Her breasts are large and exposed to symbolize the femininity of the female body and its usefulness in the nourishment of the child. Elizabeth and the Virgin Mary are fully clothed and their pregnancies are concealed, proving that the early Christians saw the pregnancies in awe, but they were also inhibited about the sexuality of the pregnant women.

There is a bold look on the face of The Snake Goddess. She is proud of her role in the reproductive process and is willing to share it with the world.The Snake Goddess and Visitation: A comparison/Contrast Essay Sample The role of women in history cannot be ignored. Throughout the world and history, most cultures and society have been male dominated, but without women, there would be no men.

The actual representation of the Snake Goddess is unknown; however, a majority of perceptions would all agree that the Snake Goddess is an important female deity in Minoan civilization.

By analyzing the importance of symbolism, the role of women in Minoan civilization and The Snake Goddesses role. The Snake Goddess Words | 6 Pages.

The Snake Goddess The Snake Goddess, a voluptuous, divine figure with bare breasts, and snakes in both hands, is one of the most well known female deity’s and faïence figurines in Minoan culture (Patron).

The snake goddess essay

In fact, the rod of Asclepius, a snake-entwined staff, is a widely accepted symbol of medicine today. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that one of his sanctuaries, dating to around BCE, is located on the south slope of the Athens Acropolis.

In fact, the healing aspect of the city goddess, Athena Hygieia, was also honored on the sacred hill.


Minoan Snake Goddess Essay Writing. Creating history by re-creating the Minoan Snake Goddess 39;Snake Goddess 39; or priestess or votary c.

Essays on Ritual and Cult in Crete in Honor of Geraldine C. Gesell, (), May 01,  · Essay: A description of the Minoan Snake Goddess A few years ago I took a university course titled ‘A Survey of Western Art I’. This was my first essay assignment for that course and I thought that it might be interesting to convert it into a blog.

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