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Tommy douglas greatest canada essays writing service

Osteomyelitis set in and he underwent a number of operations in Scotland in an attempt to cure the condition. Later in Winnipeg, however, the osteomyelitis flared up again, and Douglas was sent to hospital. Doctors there told his parents his leg would have to be amputated.

Fortunately, a well-known orthopedic surgeon took an interest in his case and agreed to treat the boy for free if his parents would allow medical students to observe.

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This experience convinced him that health care should be free to all. Many years later, Douglas told an interviewer: He also witnessed the RCMP shoot and kill one of the workers. This incident influenced Douglas later in life by cementing his commitment to protect fundamental freedoms in a Bill of Rights when he was Premier of Saskatchewan.

They had one daughter, actress Shirley Douglasand they later adopted a second daughter, Joan, who became a nurse. He completed his elementary education after returning to Glasgow.

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He worked as a soap boy in a barber shop, rubbing lather into tough whiskers, then dropped out of high school at 13 after landing a job in a cork factory. However, the family returned to Winnipeg when the war ended and Douglas entered the printing trades.

During his six years at the college, he was influenced by the Social Gospel movement, which combined Christian principles with social reform. Liberal -minded professors at Brandon encouraged students to question their fundamentalist religious beliefs.

Christianity, they suggested, was just as concerned with the pursuit of social justice as it was with the struggle for individual salvation.

Douglas took a course in socialism at Brandon and studied Greek philosophy. Both later became ministers of religion and prominent left-wing politicians. Among other things, he became a champion debater, wrote for the school newspaper and participated in student government winning election as Senior Stick, or president of the student body, in his final year.

A shortage of ordained clergy forced smaller congregations to rely on student ministers. Douglas reported later that he preached sermons advocating social reform and helping the poor: His thesis, entitled The Problems of the Subnormal Family, endorsed eugenics.

Those deemed to be "subnormal", because of low intelligence, moral laxity, or venereal disease would be sent to state farms or camps; while those judged to be mentally defective or incurably diseased would be sterilized.

As Premier, Douglas opposed the adoption of eugenics laws. He never did complete his PhD thesis, but was deeply disturbed by his field work in the Depression-era "jungles" or hobo camps where about 75, transients sheltered in lean-tos venturing out by day to beg or to steal. Douglas interviewed men who once belonged to the American middle class—despondent bank clerks, lawyers and doctors.

tommy douglas greatest canada essays writing service

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free essays at our large digital warehouse of the famed 19th-century african american leader. Tommy Clement Douglas Impact of Medicare Tommy Douglas is the greatest Canadian because he made a big impact on Canada.

One of his impacts was medicare, in , there was problems between the provincial government, the North American medical establishment, and the province's physicians, who brought things to a halt with the Saskatchewan Doctors' Strike.

In the opinion of this writer, Tommy Douglas is the Greatest Canadian.

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Those who didn't vote for Tommy Douglas to win the CBC's two-month-long contest, The Greatest Canadian, can take heart.

tommy douglas greatest canada essays writing service

The idea for the semi-serious, flag-waving series wasn't even Canadian in.

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