Worlds most dangerous drug

Downers, red devils, pink ladies, purple hearts, goofballs Price: They are a class of sedatives which were widely prescribed to treat depression, anxiety and even sleeping problems until the potential dangers were realised in the late s. Since barbiturates have not been freely available, if they were they would appear higher up this list. The drugs work by depressing the nervous system which in turns gives the user a feeling of relaxed contentment and even euphoria.

Worlds most dangerous drug

More than Americans a day are hospitalized because of the effects of this painkiller — which you can buy in any drug store, and probably have. Added to that, research now shows that this pharmaceutical affects your emotions and thinking processes, too.

Tragically, most people are not well-informed. I can remember sitting across from my mother at a restaurant years ago as she popped a couple of Tylenol and washed them down with a glass of wine.

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And she was a nurse and hospital administrator! The situation is more serious than you could ever imagine. Every year, acetaminophen leads tocalls to poison control centers, 59, visits to hospital emergency rooms and about 38, hospitalizations.

Emotional Disruption Research at the University of California at Santa Barbara analyzed studies of the effects of acetaminophen and another popular pain-killing drug, ibuprofen the active ingredient in Advil.

The investigation showed that both of these OTC drugs have strange and unexpected effects.

Worlds most dangerous drug

Acetaminophen limits your ability to feel and understand what other people are going through. But it increased the sensitivity of men. Reluctance to give up personal possessions: When people were asked about selling their belongings, a dose of acetaminophen made them ready to sell their things at a significantly cheaper price.

But when something unexpected happens — such as being cut off by another driver — you have to interrupt your habitual actions and make a quick adjustment. These types of studies convince me that routinely taking drugs like acetaminophen and ibuprofen is like playing Russian roulette with your body and mind.

The dangers of these drugs include: Unknown and serious effects on the liver: Research in Israel shows that acetaminophen has damaging effects on liver cells at much lower doses than generally known. Damage to the future children of pregnant women: Pregnant women should never take acetaminophen.

If you take ibuprofen or acetaminophen routinely for more than six years you have a significantly increased chance of going deaf.

Think Long Term Long-term use of natural inflammatories can drastically reduce chronic pain and turn the drugs into a once-in-a-while remedy that you need only in emergencies. You can also consume anti-inflammatory foods such as green tea, blueberries and dark chocolate.

And of course you can add ginger and turmeric to many dishes. Please be aware that these supplements and foods do not act like drugs. These foods and remedies bring relief and wellness when you take them every day for the long term, and often it takes weeks or even months to reap the full anti-inflammatory benefits.

An astonishing mouse experiment involving 30 supplements showed shocking increases in lifespan for the mice, compared to a control group that was not fed these substances.

The Most Dangerous Cities in the United States

But the mice were fed the substances throughout their lives, from birth to old age. Think long-term, think natural, and you really can conquer pain without liver- and mind-destroying drugs.Definitely the most dangerous city in Italy, if not Western Europe.

Palermo, Sicily is also very bad. These cities are riddled with mafia. I was living in Naples for some years. Even if it's dirty and deteriorate, the city itself is very beautiful and some places are special.

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By the way, I must. He’s one of the world’s foremost experts on drugs, in terms of their use, their effects on the human brain, and international drug policy.

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The World's Most Dangerous Drug is only 50 minutes long but this is more than enough time to fully realize the shocking and devastating effects of methamphetamines. There are some graphic photos and a few disturbing video clips but they are necessary elements in complimenting and reinforcing the main message of this program/10().

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The most dangerous drug in the world: 'Devil's Breath' chemical from Colombia can block free will, wipe memory and even kill. Scopolamine often blown into faces of victims or added to drinks.

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