Write a runescape bot busting

The CFTC had already filed fraud charges against three other operators the week before.

Write a runescape bot busting

From the episode "Real Me": How bored were you last year?

Let Us Never Speak of This Again - TV Tropes

I watched Passions with Spike. Let us never speak of it again. Spike and Andrew have an exchange on their mutual love of onion blossoms while en route to a mission, ending with: A vampirized Harmony meets Xander and decides to feed.

They agree it never happened, and both leave. Xander after telling Buffy he was once roped into working as a male stripper.

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Averted in " Twice Upon a Time ". After hearing Bill Potts call his future self an arse, the First Doctor threatens her with a smacked bottom if he hears language like that again. An utterly mortified Twelfth Doctor begs Bill to pretend that never happened.

Also in "The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance", Joey thanked Chandler for helping him take a shower when he had a hernia, and Chandler freaked out and said, "Now, is that never talking about it again?! Write a runescape bot busting friend who will pee on you is a friend indeed.

Invoked almost verbatim by Cristina in the episode "Complications of the Heart", after a surgery wherein both she and the more experienced Dr. Altman forgot how to perform a very basic procedure and ended up needing the nurse to bail them out.

Also nearly word by word in the episode "Physical Attaction Chemical Reaction", during one of the many "awkward sex" scenes, when Izzie and George try fantasy to revive their chemistry. It does not end pretty.


I think I chipped my tooth. Just so there are no misunderstandings, Nathan can fly: When Admiral Chegwidden receives a mysterious tape with no return address in his office, he has Petty Officer Tiner play it.

The Admiral cuts the tape off midway and tells Tiner to never speak of this again. Tiner wisely claimed nothing happened.

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In the series 5 episode 1 of MisfitsAlex develops the power to remove the powers of others by having sex with them. Meanwhile, Finn gets possessed by the devil. Alex has to use his new power to get rid of the devil. Afterwards, Alex and Finn try to get the group to agree never to speak of this again.

Rudy, being Rudy, keeps bringing it up. Upon making a breakthrough deduction in a case, Sherlock Holmes becomes so sexually aroused that he forces himself on Watson. In post-coital reflection, Holmes says "We shall not speak of this again. Cleopatra wants to use The Baby Trap on Caesar, but knowing that Caesar has no sons, and possibly needing a distraction from her withdrawal symptoms after Going Cold Turkey she decides to increase her chances of pregnancy by sleeping with one of the legionnaires that Caesar sent to escort her to him.

She first orders Vorenus to sleep with her, but Vorenus despite being sorely tempted refuses due to fidelity to his wife and Roman sexual attitudes to the idea of being "used" for sex. Vorenus then orders the other legionnaire, Pullo to "Report to Princess Cleopatra and do whatever she tells you to.

When Pullo returns, they have the following conversation: Gods, that was something, let me tell you.Feb 04,  · Text Abbreviations and Twitter Slang Translation Dictionary - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Internet Slang. Bot operators seem like obvious choices for this new trusted class. Most of them were able to enter the bot operator class by demonstrating their technical skill without raising much user protest, and that's the skill set also required here.

This is our sites HTML sitemap that contains links to all our articles and pages. Bot Nuke Day is the culmination of a series of different measures, all designed to work together, to dramatically stamp out botting in RuneScape.

The measures are all working so far; as before, we are only just getting started with a number of updates due over the next few weeks and we will continue to work hard on every front to wipe botting and gold farming out of RuneScape for good.

write a runescape bot busting

Unmovie is almost too hard for me to describe, so here it is from ashio-midori.com: Described as hypercinema, Unmovie is an exercise in chatter-bot and human collaborative screenwriting. Fuzzy philosopher bots engage in real-time chat with humans, and words from the chat log are trigger edits in footage from a database of found video.

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